OceanBreeze Cross-Stitch


I’m Cindy. I’m in my thirties and live in Pennsylvania with my husband, son, and cats. I work as a web developer and have many hobbies, including cross-stitching.

I first started doing cross-stitch in the spring of 1999. I was working at Ben Franklin Crafts at the time. I would walk around the store on my breaks and also to put items left at the register away. I always thought the cross-stitches were so pretty. I had attempted to do one when I was little, maybe 10 or so, but it didn’t hold my interest. One day I saw a really beautiful seashore scene. I fell in love with it and bought it. It wasn’t a beginner’s cross-stitch but it wasn’t an extremely complicated one either. The directions were very easy to follow and I quickly learned how. I found it to be a great hobby.

It took me about a year to finish that first project. Since then I’ve finished a number of projects. Sometimes I go many months without working on a project but I always come back to cross-stitching.