OceanBreeze Cross-Stitch


  • You may want to try to avoid marking on the original chart. One way around this is to scan or photocopy the chart and use the copy. Another way is to cover the chart with clear contact paper or a similar material. You can then use either wet or dry erase markers on it and then just wipe them off when the project is completed.
  • You can use manilla folders or leftover cardboard to make your own floss cards. Just punch holes in it, cut to size, and then write on the floss information. I do this for all my projects if a floss card is not included in the kit.
  • The DMC Needlework Travel Bag is very handy to have if you work on your projects in more than one location. It comes with two Stitchbow binder inserts (floss holders sold seperately). It has a piece of fabric with a plastic flap over it to hold your needles. It has three zippered pockets inside and one pocket outside.
  • If you have a lot of unfinished projects or several that you really want to work on at once then you could look into starting a rotation. You can find more information on doing so at the Rotation Stitchers boards.