OceanBreeze Cross-Stitch

Butterfly Row

  • Product #: 72844
  • Company: Dimensions
  • Size: 8" x 10"
  • Fabric: 14-count fiddler's cloth
  • Category: Finished
  • Start Date: 12.05.2004
  • Finish Date: 01.18.2005
  • Tags:
  • Last Updated: 01.04.2010

This is part of the Stone Path Studio collection. Apart from the cross-stitch supplies, it comes with printed fabrics, a wood mounting frame, mounting board, and decorative tacks. It was in the clearance section of Michaels so I got it for half-off. I was happy to find it. I like stitching butterfiles and I love projects like this that are more than just cross-stitching.

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5 Responses to “Butterfly Row”

  1. kathy maclaren says:

    I have this kit, but do not have the instructions/pattern so cannot complete it. Would you happen to have it? if so, can you please email me and let me know (scan and email perhaps) thanks so much!

    Kathy -

  2. Berenice says:

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