OceanBreeze Cross-Stitch

Mythical Dragon

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  • Product #: 157-10
  • Company: Janlynn
  • Size: 11" x 15"
  • Fabric: 14-count black Aida
  • Category: Finished
  • Start Date: 03.19.2003
  • Finish Date: 12.12.2007
  • Tags:
  • Last Updated: 01.20.2010

I was anxious to start working on this from the first time I saw it, but I didn’t start working on it for several years. It’s the largest one I had done so far. It’s also the first one that used blending filament, which I find can be a pain to work with. The effect it gives is very pretty though. I worked on this for about a month after first starting it and then took a break until August. I then put it away at the end of August when I started working on the border because I found it very frustrating for some reason. If I was doing this piece again, I would not do it on the Aida that came with the kit. There’s a large number of fractional stitches that would be so much easier to do on evenweave. I started working on it again in August the following year, working on the lower half of the dragon.

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