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The Guardian » 04-12-2010

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7 Responses to “04-12-2010”

  1. Gappar says:

    I installed the pakacge last night in a brand new SC 6.2 install. I made some dummy templates and tried to generate the custom items but the generate button didn’t do anything. I suspect something may have been missing from the pakacge? Today I’m going to pull the source from SVN and build it myself.

  2. Great insight. Relieved I’m on the same side as you.

  3. Jaqueline says:

    Every new version, Google Chrome Dev seems to be hievaer, regarding Memory.Also, Developer Tools Settings button and “Close” button of Downloads Bar are getting harder to click, like if only some pixels of the buttons are clickable.In addition, seems Developer Tools Network Timeline is not logging all events. It seems messed, simply.I hope you are aware about all of these issues. I understand it’s just a “Dev” version, but it seems not improving much between new versions.

  4. Thanks a ton for being my own lecturer on this niche. My partner and i enjoyed your article quite definitely and most of all enjoyed the way in which you handled the aspect I widely known as controversial. You are always quite kind to readers really like me and assist me in my living. Thank you.

  5. Hallo Horst,Dein Beispiel: “eine schwache TD +F in einem Takt +FF+ und evtl. einer Dreieinigkeit zum Feuer bei einer normalen ST, kann sich zu einer starken TD verändern”! Wenn bei solch einer Konstellation, sich günstige Persönlichkeitsmuster zu ungünstigen ändern, müsste ich theoretisch eine neue Stärke-Berechnung der TD und der Bewustseinsarten vornehmen, in dem der Takt wie eine fünfte Säule mit einbezogen ist?Wie gehst Du vor?Gruß Helmut

  6. Anton says:

    Hier im wilden Westen kennt man das Lied zwar nicht, doch der Junge hat den Takt im Blut von wem er das wohl hat? E gueti Wuche! und wann habt ihr Ferien und was macht ihr? wir haben ab Ostern zwei Wochen seid ihr dann mal zu Hause?

  7. sildenafil says:

    Hi George,I have also disliked that term. It’s kinda like New+Baby.I have no problem being a new learner about something, but Iprefer Nick’s term: “apprentice”. I believe that says it allfor me. Other professionals use apprentice for someone who islearning and GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL!Enjoy each day, it only comes once in a lifetime!Dj

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