OceanBreeze Cross-Stitch

Update on the Guardian

I’ve been working exclusively on The Guardian for the past few months. I’m making good progress. I’m probably a little under halfway done with it. It’s really coming along faster than I thought it would.

Making Progress on The Guardian

I’ve been working only on The Guardian since I started it last month. It’s the most complicated one I’ve ever done. There are many fractional stiches and most of the symbols are for combined colors. The border is the most difficult part. I normally don’t do any backstitching until the end, but I’m doing the backstitching as I go for the border since there is so much to do.

The chart is black and white, which makes it even more difficult. Here’s a sample from the chart:

Two New Finishes

I’ve recently finished Dragonfly Duo and Gifts of the Sea.

I’ve also framed The Mermaid, Hummingbird and Morning Glories, Have a Special Day, and Dive Right In. I also put together the coasters for the Duck Coasters.

New Layout

I’ve finished the newest layout for this site. There still are some changes I may make to the content area and the menu, but it was finished enough to put up for the public to view.

The actual content layout hasn’t changed very much.

Christmas Presents

Today I went to A.C. Moores to spend some of my Christmas money. I bought 5 new cross-stitch kits to add to my stash, some new masking tape because one of my cats threw up on my old roll, a new small hoop, and a new pair of embroidery scissors.

Three Updates

I’ve posted a framed photo of Winter Watch, and two finished photos: The Mermaid and Dive Right In. I’ve started stitching on my fourth (and final) duck coaster this evening.

New Finish!

I’ve finished Winter Watch tonight. I really enjoyed stitching it and it made me fall in love with cross-stitching again. It’s one that Mom had given me that she bought and hadn’t stitched. I’m giving it to her at Christmas.

Next I plan on finishing The Mermaid. I finished all the regular stitching and started on the backstitching a month or so ago but then got tired of working on it. After that, I’m going to finish up Dive Right In, since I don’t have too much to do on that yet. I’d also really like to finish up the duck coasters that I started in 2004. The charts for those are hard to read, which is why I don’t like working on them.

Fixed Volcano Chart

Thanks to Christine Lee, I’ve discovered that my free volcano pattern was missing a section of the chart. I’ve now fixed it and uploaded the correct version.

Two Finished Images

I haven’t been cross-stitching much this summer due to pain in my arms from Fibromyalgia. I started a new project, a mermaid, a few weeks ago and have stitched about half of it so far (small project).

I did finally glue two previously finished projects: Dragonfly Fantasy and Halloween Whimsies Witch.

Shells on Blue Finished

I finished Shells on Blue tonight.


I finally finished The Snow Leopard and will be giving it to my mom tomorrow for Mother’s Day. This cross-stitch was a lot of work and the biggest I’ve completed so far. It turned out great though.

I also updated some finished photos:

Updated In-Progress

Since November, I’ve been working on The Snow Leopard. I tried to get it finished for my mom for Christmas, but it’s huge so it’s going to be a Mother’s Day present instead.

I also spent a little time working on Gifts of the Sea, when I needed a break.

In January I started Shells on Blue and finished most of it. I still have to do the background half-stitching.

New Free Pattern: Halloween

I’ve added a new free pattern. I created this several years ago and finally finished the layout of the chart. I haven’t stitched this, so I don’t know how it will actually look.

Updated Photos

I updated some of the photos and added some finished project photos today. I still have a couple projects to hot glue together and one to frame. Several more are waiting on me to purchase frames for them. I also plan to take new photos of some of the projects in the near future.

Site Revamp Completed

For the past month I’ve been working on this new version of OceanBreeze Cross-Stitch. It’s now powered by WordPress completely. I still have some items on my to-do list to finish and I have several finished projects that I need to photograph and add, which is the reason some of the projects do not currently have images.

I hope you enjoy this new site. Let me know if there are any issues you come across.